Monday, December 28, 2009

a new year?

Well I made through Christmas. Livias first Christmas. She was so funny!! She's walking and trying to talk!! She says I love you!! She knows her ma and gives me kisses. Oh how precious she is.

Christmas was hectic. Everone had places to be abd some had to work. But we were all together.
I hope that kids realize that was what was the most important.

Mom stays with me every day now. I am not able to do much of anything for myself. Taking a shower does me in for the rest of the day. Bill got his moms chair to put in the shower. That helps a lot.

I keep wondering how many more days i have and what to do with the ones i have.

the pain limits me. the pills help some but they make me sleep. I feel like im wasting time.

I wish people would call and visit more. i know aometimes they call and i dont feel like talking but i hope they keep trying. I miss everyone.