Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pretty Good

I am learning that I have good days and bad. I am praising God for the good ones and dealing w/ the bad. The meds make me tired.. It is frustrating when i can't do what I want and need to do (like clean my house!) but I am grateful for what I can do!

I went to school and met the new principal on tuesday. It went well. I was upfront about my health and explained that until the lord tells me to give up...i just don't intend to. He was very supportive. Unfortunately wendy isn't . But thats ok. I keep reminding myself of who is in control and taking it one day at a time.

Bill has been gone for a week today . seems like a month. He calls about once a day...emails a couple. he says that he is afraid of waking me... I wish that I could sleep....

He says he misses me .. I am waiting for him to say "I love you " before I do.
I know that he does.. in his way. But i also know other things. Things that will never change.
Oh well.......

Ali and Livi came tonight. Livi is growing like a weed. She is going on 6 months old already. She knows me when she sees me!! She giggles and squeals!!

I feel so bad for Ali. She woks so hard. But w/ Dennis not being able to work.. she just can't get ahead. I try to help but i can only do so much.. So... I pray...

God is good.. I thank him for every day... I thank him for His healing hand.. I praise him for what he is doing... !! IN all things... Praise Him.. Amen!!

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  1. Men are so strange about those three little words. When Terry and I were dating, oh so many years ago, I told him one night "I know I'm not supposed to do this. I know I'm supposed to wait until you say it first, but I'm going to go ahead anyway." and I told him I loved him. He just sat there for a minute and then he looked at me and said "I can't say that yet because I'm not sure". I told him I understood and that I didn't say it to get him to say it back. We went on for a few months and were talking on the telephone one night. We were getting ready to hand up and had both already said goodnight. I told him I loved him and had started to take the phone away from ear. I heard him calling my name, so I put the phone back to my ear and asked him if he was calling me, did he need something? He hesitated for just a mintute and then he said "I just wanted to tell you I love you". I said "Yeah, I know. I love you too" and said goodnight again and hung the phone up. Then, I danced through the house singing he loves me, he loves me and my family thought I was crazy! I'm praying Bill is able to tell you just how much you mean to him very soon. I love you Penny; if I could take the cancer and bear the burden for you, I so readily would do so. My heart and my prayers are with you.

    Many hugs...............