Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a beautiful Day

Today is a beautiful Spring Day. On days like to

day I reminisce about when I was young, first married and had my first baby. My Scotty.

Now on these spring days, this is where I visit my Scotty. For now. On his stone it reads.. :"Resting until the wind blows us towards a new day and a new meeting." Oh how glorious that day will be! I miss him so much. It is so beautiful at the cemetary. The redbud trees are in bloom.

I love these beautiful spring days. Not too hot.. not too cool.. As I am waiting to begin my treatment I can feel myself getting weaker. Just 9 more days of school left. I want so much to finish them. Especially since I don't know what next year holds. I am optimistic that the treatment will be successful and I will be back. But I also have to be realistic in that I might not. I haven't worked for the last 2 days. Putting weight on my leg is excruciating. I guess the tumors are pressing on the nerves. I have been resting hoping to be able to make it tomorrow. Pray that I can.

Summer is around the corner. I pray that I will be able to be outside w/ Livia and Jayden.. Karli and Hannah.

For now I am tired and need to rest..

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  1. My heart and my prayers are with you Penny. May the Lord give you the strength to face the remainder of the school days with energy and free of pain. I love you!

    Many hugs.........